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About this Page

WebEx video conferencing will allow participants to meet online synchronously.  But there is much more than just talking involved with conferencing.  With WebEx, the screen can be shared, documents can be collaborated on together, and participants can be seen and heard. 


This page will show faculty and staff how to create a meeting or meet instantly with another participant.  In addition, this site will show all HBFGSAS participants how to attend a meeting and what you can do during a meeting.

Click on the links to learn about the following:


On this page, you will:

  • access a tutorial that gives 

    • suggestions on what you need before you start a meeting

    • how to join a meeting
    • connecting via video
    • joining via audio
    • leaving a meeting​
  • learn how to run a test meeting

WebEx Tutorials

Instructors may need to meet with students using WebEx.  Below are instructions on how to create a meeting invitation. 

This is a all-in-one stop for suggestions on what you need before you start a meeting and learning how to join a meeting, connecting via video, joining via audio, and leaving a meeting​. This is a great tutorial for both instructors and students. 

Run a Test Meeting

You may want to get comfortable with the layout of WebEx.  If so, you can run a test meeting using the following link Run a Test Meeting link and log in with your name and email address.  A test meeting will run, which will allow you to make sure that WebEx will run on your device and will allow you to get familiar with the layout. 


It is also recommended that you set up a time to meet with Dr. Ginger Howell ( to make sure your camera and microphone are set-up properly.

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