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The Basics

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About this Page

Do you feel like you need to get your feet on firm ground? Here are some basic tutorials that will help you feel get more settled in Populi.  

On this page, you'll learn how to

  • switch time zones so that your due dates reflect your time zone

  • download files

  • close out documents

The Basics

Switching Time Zones

Due dates are automatically set for the Central time zone. If you live or will be working in a different time zone, you can alter your settings so that due dates reflect your current time zone. Note that the due dates in your activity checklist will not change; those dates will always reflect the Central time zone. 

Downloading Files

As of April 15th 2017, Populi updated the way you can download documents.  This is how you can download files.

Closing Out Documents

As of April 15th 2017, Populi updated the way you will close out documents.