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 Residency II (IR-708) Specifics

About this Page

The online learning program at the Graduate School is interactive.  Besides group activities and assignments, our online program requires students to participate two residencies. Usually, residencies take place on-campus, but for the time being, residency will be online. 

On this page, you will learn about:

  • Information about Residency II

  • The Length and Schedule for Residency II

  • How to Prepare for Residency II

Click the links below, to gain access to information about:

Residency II Information


During Residency II, you’re more than halfway through the program, and reconnecting with peers can reinvigorate your sense of the broader learning community. You may meet peers for the first time because you started in different terms and are pursuing the program at different paces.

This residency is an extremely important part of IR-708. It will help you put into practice what you are learning throughout the semester. The information and skills that you learn during the week will make the rest of your online lessons more fulfilling. More specifically, subsequent lessons are likely to become more "alive" and your discussion boards will take on new life as you can "hear" your classmates' voices and "see" their faces. During residency, you will get to co-facilitate a mock group and participate in several others to see the tools and approaches you are learning about in action.

We will have several additional activities that will help prepare you for the world of group counseling and therapy. It is recommended that you work with your other course instructors to get your homework done in advance of the week, or an extension, so that your sole focus can be on the experience this week.


Residency II Length and Schedule

Your residency runs from Tuesday through Friday of the residency week. 

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