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 Residency I (IR-606)


About this Page

The online learning program at the Graduate School is interactive.  Besides group activities and assignments, our online program requires students to participate two residencies. Usually, residencies take place on-campus, but for the time being, residency will be virtual. 

On this page, you will learn about:

  • Information about Residency I

  • the Length and Schedule for Residency I

Click the links below, to gain access to information about:

Residency I Information


Meeting in real-time (as opposed to the asynchronous format of your online courses) with your classmates, instructors, and presenters during residency makes all the difference in terms of how you experience your learning. After Residency I, you will be able to “see and hear” each other as you read discussion posts. You can remember how Student A was quick with a word of encouragement, or how Student B was able to help the group dig in more deeply on a subject. Your view of your peers becomes broader and discussions can be both richer and more authentic.

The same will be true of your residency professor. You leave with a sense of her as a person, what she values, and how committed she is to your learning. You will be meeting with your academic advisor and will meet the Grad School staff and administration who are working behind the scenes so you can have an excellent learning experience. In short, your learning community will now provide you with a context in which to learn, take risks, engage in dialogue, and grow.


Residency I Length and Schedule

Your residency runs from Tuesday through Friday of the residency week. 


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