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 Residency Leaders

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The online learning program at the Graduate School is interactive.  Besides group activities and assignments, our online program requires students to participate two residencies. Usually, residencies take place on-campus, but for the time being, residency will be online. 

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  • Meet the Residency Leaders

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Meet the Residency Leaders

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to residency! If you have access to this residency information course, it's because you are taking an academic class associated with residency this term.  The residency professors are excited about this term and the amazing experience that we know you will have at residency whether it's your first or second residency.

Your primary residency professor is the professor that is teaching your academic class. Meet each instructor below.


Dr. Princess Drake, Adjunct Professor

IR-606 (Residency I) Professor

Email: and


I am originally from Nashville, TN, but am a transplant from Tampa, FL where I completed my doctorate. I currently live in North East, MN area with my tween daughter. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, bowling, tennis, beaches, watching movies, and being immersed in various cuisines and cultures.

I currently wear many professional hats. I currently work full time as a Mental Health Practitioner at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation while completing requirements for licensure. I have been an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies since January 2020. I have officially been employed with HBFF since 2018, however started in 2017 during doctoral internship. I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Florida School of Professional Psychology (FSPP) in 2018. I earned her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from FSPP in 2015 and M.S. in professional counseling at Lipscomb University in 2012. Being the field officially since 2012, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and a wide array of patient backgrounds. In addition to my roles at HBFF, I am still a firm believer in advocacy and expanding my professional voice. I currently serve as a committee member for The Trust Student and Early Career Psychologist committee since 2017. Clinically, my primary interests include co-occurring disorders, trauma, psychosis, diversity/identity issues, and personality disorders. I am truly excited and dedicated to working with diverse populations and obtaining additional experience through leadership, mentoring, and academic training. Lastly, I previously served as the Florida Psychological Association (FPA) Board of Directors Student Representative and FPA Graduate Students (FPAGS) President, American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) Campus Representative, and FSPP Student Psychological Association Mentor Coordinator.

My primary goal as a professor is to instill as much knowledge in conjunction with real life clinical experiences to get you excited about working as a clinician. I value a learning environment where we all learn from each other. One of the most poignant things that makes it awesome to work with adult learners is knowing an individual’s journey is not only shaped by the things skills they learn, but the experiences they have. All these things culminate into recognizing the “why” behind your participation in this graduate program. I want to know your reason for enrolling in this program so that I can help you achieve your professional goals. My teaching style is the developmental. I believe that each learner has something to contribute to the classroom environment come in with varying levels of skills and expertise. I value interaction and discussion, rather than simply lecturing from a slide deck. Students should be prepared to participate actively in the classes, while laughing and learning more about themselves.



Ms. Lisa Doyle, Adjunct Professor

IR-708 (Residency II) Professor



I am a counselor first and foremost.  It helps me in all areas of life.  I use the skills as a mother, wife, teacher, counselor, friend and citizen of the community.  I work very hard to help those I come in contact with to be successful and happy in life.  I am easy to talk to and work with, as long as you are willing to communicate with me.  I have always said - I can't fix a problem if I don't know there is one.

I love teaching for Hazelden Betty Ford.  I learn just as much as my students do every semester about people, teaching, and life in general.  I am a clinical supervisor here in Missouri for about a dozen counselors in training and utilize similar tools in group supervision as I do in class, and vice versa.