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This image is the Research Basics title bar. Like all title bars of the HBF Online Library site, it is green and shows a picture of students browsing the library.

 Research Basics

About this Page

This page provides great resources on how to be a better researcher by learning how to find scholarly journal articles and how to use popular data bases. 

On this page, you will:

  • learn how to find scholarly journal articles

  • access a list of scholarly resources on information literacy

  • learn how to find full-text articles on the HBF Online Library using the following databases:

    • Academic Search Premier ​

    • PubMed


Finding Scholarly Journal Articles

What is a Scholarly Journal Article – This video discusses the difference between popular sources and scholarly sources. Watch the video below.

Google ScholarThis link will route you to Google Scholar, which is a search engine for scholary works.  Type your topic in the text box and begin your search. 

HBFF Information Literacy- A list of scholarly resources on information literacy is available on the HBFF education site.  Click on the image to access the webpage.

What is a Library Database – This video explains what a library data base does and how you can use it to find research articles.  Watch the video below.

Finding Full-Text Articles through the HBF Online Library

There are many resources available through the Hazelden Betty Ford Online Library.  Our librarian is willing to help you find free resources.  She can help you get behind paywalls to help you find the perfect resource. 


Although there is a variety of places to look to find resouces, two databases will particularly helpful as you seek full-text online journal articles - Academic Search Premier and PubMed. Video tutorials and written instructions for each are each are given below.


In each video, you will be shown how to conduct basic and advanced searches (including how to expand and narrow your search) and then how to open an article and utilize some helpful tools that are offered with each database.

To find the Academic Search Premier and PubMed databases, locate the "Databases" menu from the HBF Online Library menu above.

Academic Search Premier

For a larger version of this video click the Academic Search Premier video link.

Written Instructions for using Academic Search Premier


This document will give you step-by-step instructions for using Academic Search Premier.


For a larger version of this video click the Using PubMed video link.

Written Instructions for using PubMed

This document will give you step-by-step instructions for using PubMed.

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