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Writing Resources

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 Writing Resources

About this Page

HBFGSAS instructors expect scholarly writing, which is more demanding than undergraduate writing.  Use the resources below to help you become a scholarly writer.

On this page, you will have access to resources addressing:

  • research and writing tools

    • library resources

    • APA resources

Library Resources

APA Resources

The Hazelden Betty Ford Online Library -

HBF Online Library Button - This button is linked to the HBF Online Library
  • The Hazelden Betty Ford Online Library can be accessed through Populi.

  • After opening your course in Populi, open the Info tab, there you will find the “Support and Library Site” link under Links section on the right side of the page.

  • Additional tutorials and tools are available on the HBF Online library pages. Use the button to quickly access these tutorials.

HBF Library Cheat Sheet -

Whether on ground or online, this resource will prove handy as it provides library hours, after-hours help, our librarian's contact information, suggested resources, how to get free articles, and a great "cheat-sheet" for APA structuring. 






APA Manual – This is a link to give you more information the American Psychological Association handbook. The graduate school highly recommends purchasing this book for your courses. You can purchase this book online. 

Purdue Owl Website – Purdue Owl is a great resource when searching for specific APA guidelines.  Some notable topics this website covers are general writing, the writing process, academic writing, mechanics, grammar, and punctuation. 

APA Poster - Below is the APA Style Guidelines poster from Purdue Owl.  It will give you an overview of APA guidelines. 


APA Formatting– This website gives an introduction to APA Style, as well as an overview and guide for formating and style. 

Cite Sources Automatically This cite gives you a tool to source your citation in APA format automatically.  

Purdue OWL Vidcasts  This site offers multiple videos that explain APA formatting and style as well as technical writing, grammar and mechanics, and general writing.  If you are a second language learner, this site also has resources for you. Pay particular attention to the following vidcasts once you go to the Purdue OWL site.

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