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 Populi Resources

About this Page

The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies uses Populi as their learning management system. All online courses in Populi are designed a similar way to allow students to be comfortable on day one of their courses.  Designing courses in a similar way allows students to focus on learning the content in each class, not the layout. 

On this page, you'll have access to

  • an introduction to our LMS

  • various how-to tutorials​ on

    • the basics of Populi

    • discussions

    • tests

    • grading and weights

  • contact information for the instructional designer/educational technologist

Introduction to our LMS

To log onto Populi, log on to 

A Visual Overview

Populi (pronounced POP-yoo-lee) is our learning management system (LMS), which is where you'll access your courses. Every LMS is a bit different, and learning your way around in any LMS takes some time. This document will help as it will show you how to log onto Populi and how to navigate through the main tabs of system.

Navigating through Populi

Sometimes it is easier to see all the components of Populi and where everything is located.  This video will show you around first hand. 

Arrow showing how to navigate presentation.

Password and Username Issues

If you have forgotten your password or need to retrieve your username, this video will show you how to do so. 

How-to Tutorials

One-on-One Assistance

Dr. Ginger Howell

Dr. Ginger Howell

Ginger Howell, PhD

Instructional Designer/Educational Technologist


Phone: (651) 359-2164  x2164

Students are welcome to email Ginger when needing technical assistance.  Students should email to arrange an appointment to meet via phone or video conference if needed. Ginger can assist students during weekdays, evenings, and weekends.


Dr. Ginger Howell has been working for the Graduate School since 2014. She works remotely from Arkansas (Central time zone). Her job responsibilities include:

  • Working with content experts to create brain-based courses

  • Helping instructors prep and review courses each semester

  • Ensuring the quality of online courses

  • Increase accessibility of online courses

  • Provide technical assistance

  • Train students, staff, and faculty on technology

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