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About this Page

Office 365 is a tool that is available to faculty, staff, and students. This is a cloud-based program that can be accessed across different devices. It offers a large range of applications included in the Microsoft Office Suite.  Please note that using Web-based Microsoft programs on a Mac may present some compatibility issues.  If you have a Mac, it is suggested you buy a Microsoft Office Suite for Macs package for your desktop. 

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On this page:

  • you will learn how to access Office 365 and the applications available to you.

Office 365 (O365)

Go to Use your .edu email address and your Graduate School password to log on to O365. 


For protection, you will be required to authenticate your identity from another device for confirmation. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) needs to be configured for all staff and students that wish to access Hazelden Betty Ford resources while off-campus. Complete the steps in the document to setup Multi-Factor authentication. FYI-if you had this system on your old phone, delete the app off of the phone, not just the home page. 

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