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(Faculty and Staff)

About this Page

This page describes a communication tool used by those that have connection to Hazelden Betty Ford’s network; therefore, this only applies to those employed at HBFF and those who have Jabber installed on their work computers.  If you do not have a Jabber account, employees can call IT for assistance in downloading the software on their work computer.  


Jabber is virtual video communication software similar to Skype. This software allows people from different campus locations to see and hear each other for a better communication experience than what email or phone can provide.  This site will give you step-by-step visuals in how to access Jabber and make a virtual call. 

Click on the links to learn about the following:

On this page, you will:

  • have access to various Jabber tutorials

    • accessing Jabber and Making a Call Using Jabber​

    • answering a Call Using Jabber

Cisco-Jabber Tutorials

If you log on to the network, you can access the tutorials that IT has made available to demonstrate the new Cisco-Jabber software. The same tutorials are made available to you in this section. 

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