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 Frequently Asked Questions

About this Page

This page addresses questions that are frequently asked by our students, staff, and faculty. Please read the questions and answers below to answer questions you may be wondering.

On this page, you will:

  • encounter commonly asked questions and their answers

Questions and Answers


Who may use the library?

All Hazelden Betty Ford staff and graduate students. Any person may stop in and use the information on-site.

May I use the library for a class I’m taking and for personal questions?

Yes to both!  Anyone from high school to doctoral work are encouraged to make use of Hazelden Betty Ford’s Library. Personal help (family, health, relationships, self-help, spirituality) and biographic lists are also gladly provided.

Can library items be checked out?

Almost every item in the Library may be checked out to staff and Graduate School students who are able to visit the library in Center City. (Hard copies of books and other materials cannot be mailed to online students.)

What resources are found in the library?

Pertinent books, government documents, pamphlets, journals, newsletters, audiovisual items abound.  These are all complemented with unlimited virtual information.

What is reference?

That is how your Librarian spends most of the day– responding to questions and requests (usually via email). Whenever you have an informational question – on any topic – feel free to bring it to the librarian.

This is not limited to items on the shelves – many responses utilize information and resources from addictions and information partners found around the globe.

What is database searching?

A database is an organized collection of related information, searchable via computer. The internal holdings (books, audiovisual) of the Hazelden Betty Ford Library can be searched via the library’s online catalog database.

You may search from the comfort and convenience of your own computer, and print out a list of items (which includes a summary of each item) that is specific and refined to just the topic you are seeking.

For journals, you may search the databases of Medline, CORK, and others.  Your librarian is happy to search these or many other databases for you regarding addictions as well as most other topics.

How do I find and read journal articles online?

Relatively few journal articles are available full-text, online, without restrictions. The options however, are varied–please ask your Hazelden Betty Ford librarian for further explanation and assistance on this topic.

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