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Course Prep

About this Page

Every term, courses need to be cloned,updated, and reviewed before they are opened to students the week before courses officially begin. Because the instructional designer ensures more than 25 courses are ready and of great quality at any given term, a solid process needs to be in place. 

On this page, you'll better

  • understand the course prep process by answering the following questions - 

    • what does course prep mean? 

    • why do we have a course prep process?

    • how do we expedite the process using Planner?

  • the responsibility of the instructor and the instructional designer
  • the timeline
  • the review​ process​

Course Prep Process

Course prep occurs in Planner.  Please use the resources below to get a better understand of the course review process and how to access/use Planner for this specific purpose.


Who does what during the course review process?

Instructional Designer/Educational Technologist 
  • Download and update the dates in course syllabi (occurs during Weeks 4-8 of the current term)

  • Clone courses, update dates in the Assignments tab, upload updated syllabi (occurs during Weeks 9-11 of the current term)

  • Begins course reviews (occurs during Weeks 9-11 of the current term)

  • Assigns a task card to the instructor and notifies instructor in Planner that the course is ready for their updates and review (occurs during Weeks 9-11 of the current term)

  • Makes updates/corrections/changes (occurs during Weeks 12-15 of the term)

  • Finishes the course review (occurs after the updates are completed but before the course opens) 

  • Conduct course reviews (occurs after the updates are completed but before the course opens)

  • Notifies instructional designer that the course and review are finished (occurs before course opens) 

Instructional Designer/Educational Technologist 
  • Reviews finished course review/makes final changes in the course (occurs before the course opens)

  • Closes out task card in Planner (occurs before the course opens)

  • Opens course (occurs one week before the course officially opens)

  • Notifies students that the course is open and when the course will officially begin (occurs one week before the course officially opens)

Course Reviews

To ensure course quality, a course review is conducted before every term.  There are two reviews:


One review is the "Condensed Course Review," which checks everything that tends to change every term - dates, links, restrictions, notifications, etc.  Normally, this review is done every term. 

The second review is the "Development and QM Course Review" this review checks everything in the Condensed Course Review in addition to Quality Matters standards, consistency, alignment, and other items that tend to go awry over time. This review is done in courses that have just been developed, has been re-developed, had substantial updates that could affect alignment, or is in need of a check-up (every three to four years). 

In both cases, the instructional designer carries most of the load when reviewing.  Anything that deals with content or is best evaluated by a content expert is left for the instructor to complete.  The videos below articulate how to complete both reviews.

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