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About this Page

This page includes all the details of Residency so that you know what to expect and can plan accordingly 

On this page, you will learn about residency, such as

  • General Information

  • Traveling to Residency

  • Lodging at Residency

  • Recommendations

General Residency Information

On-site residencies will combine classroom instruction and interactive learning with opportunities to get to know members of the learning cohort, faculty and staff. Together, students will build a community of learning that will enrich their online studies and further equip them in their professional endeavors.

On-campus residencies will be 3 ½ days long, and integrated into the course requirements for IR-606 - Counseling Procedures and Skills, and IR-708 - Group Counseling.

Summer 2022 Residency will be: June 14-17, 2022. June 14 – 16 from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM and June 17 from 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM.

Traveling to Residency

Driving to Minnesota

Some students might choose to drive to residency. Even though it won't save you time, it might save you some money, stress, and has the benefit of the comfort of your vehicle. If you are considering this option, keep in mind that you may have to contend with traffic, fatigue, and changing time zones.

The Graduate School

15251 Pleasant Valley Rd

Center City, MN 55012-0011

Flying to Minnesota

For many students, traveling by air will likely be a more costly option, but it may be their only option depending on how far away from the Graduate School they live. If you plan to fly to MN for residency, you should get your tickets as soon as possible.

You will be flying into the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The airport code is MSP.
















Lodging at Residency

The AmeriVu Inn & Suites is the hotel that is closest to the Graduate School. If you would like to make a reservation and use the Graduate School discount, you must CALL the hotel. You will not be able to use the discount booking online. The Graduate School Discount for Summer 2022 Residency is $99.00 + tax per night.

AmeriVu Inn & Suites

29579 Sportsman Drive,

Chisago City, MN, 55013, US

Phone: (651) 213-3400


To minimize costs associated with Residency, we encourage you to connect with one another on travel plans, transportation, etc. Once the semester begins, you can view who is enrolled for your course associated with Residency (IR-606 or IR-708) using the following steps: Log into Populi > Select “My Courses” > Select the course > Select “Roster” on the left side bar.

You will also be added to a “Residency Information Course” in Populi when the semester begins with more detailed information and discussion boards to discuss travel plans. You will be able to access the roster for this course as well.


Below are links to various airlines, in which you can compare prices and purchase tickets.

Getting to Center City

Renting a Vehicle (Recommended)
  • Pros- You will have your own transportation for your entire stay. You will be able to control when you leave to return to the airport as opposed to waiting for someone else to pick you up.

  • Cons- This is the most costly option. (To offset this cost, consider splitting the use and cost of the rental vehicle). You need to make reservations in advance to make sure that there is a vehicle available at the time that you land.

Car Rental Companies

Below are links to various rental companies, in which you can compare prices and reserve transportation.

  • Pros- Taxis are readily available at the airport to transport you to your lodging choice (i.e., hotel or friend's house).

  • Cons- This is also a costly option (although not as costly as renting a car) because the Graduate School is about 70-75 minutes away from the airport. It may be harder or impossible for you to get a taxi back to the airport.

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