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About this Page

On this page, you will be introduced to

  • HBFF's and HBFGSAS' roots and history

  • HBFF's and HBFGSAS' missions

  • HBFGSAS' handbooks for both the students and faculty

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and

Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies

Our Roots

While it is not the goal of the Graduate School to train students to simply be future employees of the Foundation, we do want you to appreciate the rich context in which the Graduate School operates.  This video and websites explain the common mission and vision of the Hazelden and Betty Ford communities and reason for our 2014 merger.

Our Missions

HBFGSAS Handbooks

There are multiple handbooks and manuals that you may find helpful to access as they will give you a greater understanding of how we operate.  It may be helpful to access the College Catalog and Student Handbook, as well as the Faculty Handbook.

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