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This image is the Lessons Tab page title bar. Like all title bars of the Faculty and Staff Support site, it is black and shows a picture of an instructor assisting a student.

Discussions Tab

(Populi Resources)

About this Page

The Discussions tab houses all the discussions for a course. Discussions not only connect students to content, but they can also connect students to each other and the instructor.  

On this page, you’ll learn the following:

  • creating a graded discussion, deleting a discussion, grading a Discussion

Before moving forward, please review the Guide-Populi Effective Practices for this tab.

Discussion Tutorial

The tutorial below will show you how to create a graded discussion, how to delete a discussion, and how to grade a discussion. If you prefer a discussion that isn't automatically graded, please let the instructional designer now.  She can help assist you in this. 

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