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 Communication (Email)

About this Page

On this page, you will learn how to

  • activate your Outlook Webmail

  • install the AirWatch app


Activating Outlook Webmail

One way instructors communicate with students is through email, specifically using your HBFGSAS email address.  Once you've completed the Online Orientation course or have been officially admited as a HBFGSAS student, you will receive a email. Sometimes this occurs right before your course begins. Either Technology Services (TS) or LeAnn Brown will let you know when your HBF address is ready to be used. You can access  your Hazelden Betty Ford email on a personal computer through Office 365. 


To activate your account for the first time, please use the tutorial below.

If you get a message that you've been locked out of your email, try logging in using the following URL: 

If you have any questions about using Outlook or need assistance troubleshooting email issues, please contact Technology Services.  Below is Technology Service's information.

Outlook on your Phone

Once you receive your .edu address, you may want to push your school email to your mobile device.  To do so, you'll need to download the Outlook app.  The Instructions to accomplish this for both the iPhone and Android are below. 

Populi and Outlook

As you start preparing for a successful experience at HBFGSAS, I recommend adding ** and ** to your email address book.  If your email server does not recognize emails sent within the LMS, messages may be sent to your spam folder preventing you from receiving important messages from your instructor.  We have already done a "roll call" to determine if your personal email server is sending important messages to your spam folder.  Even if you are receiving these emails, it may be helpful to do the following steps to make sure you get each notification that is sent via Populi:

*To add Populi to your Outlook address book in Office 365, please do the following:* 
Open O365.  If you need assistance with this, please contact Technology Services at  or at 1-651-213-4785.  

  1. Once you’ve accessed Outlook, select the 'People' app.  You may need to click “Explore all your apps” to locate this specific application. 
    3. Click the plus sign at the top-left of the screen.  
    4. Then, add Populi to the name text fields.  
    5. Add ** to the “email” text field. It is also advised that you add ** as an additional email to this contact. 

  2. Click “save” in the upper left-hand corner of the contact screen.  

If you learn best by watching a video, use the video tutorial link below to assist you in adding a contact to Outlook.


You'll need to have a two-way authenticator system on your phone for security reasons. Please use the tutorial below if you need to set it up on a new phone.  FYI-if you had this system on your old phone, delete the app off of the phone, not just the home page. 

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