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Settings Tab

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About this Page

This page will show you the most-used functions of the Settings tab - previously named the rubrics tab.


On this page, you'll learn how to:

  • find the rubric

  • use rubrics to give feedback and grades

  • how to alter the rubric

  • how instructors and students interact with the tool

Before moving forward, please review the Guide-Populi Effective Practices for this tab.


Rubrics are tools that make the criteria for grading clear. Students can check their work against the stated rubric to ensure they have addressed the key components of an assignment. Instructors should always use the rubric to grade student work.

In all online courses, the instructions are found in the Info tab. In the past, the rubric was contained in the instructions. Now that the rubric is electronic, it will be found in the Info section of the submission area for that assignment.

The instructional designer has already built the rubric using the electronic rubrics tool.  The rubrics feature won’t allow the designer to add a point range for each quality description of each criterion. Instead, the rubric requires weights for each criterion; then, Populi generates the points depending on the weights.  It will be the responsibility of the instructor to alter the weights to produce the right measurements.  This will need to be done BEFORE the rubric is used to avoid a lot of work later. 


During the term, you will use the rubric feature when grading students’ work. I think you will find that this step will save you time when grading.  It will also give students feedback of where they can improve and where they've done well. 

The video below explains how to edit the rubrics, instructors' usage of the rubrics, and students' usage of the rubrics. 

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