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About this Page

This page allows users to search books, audiovisual resources and other documents available in the HBFF Library in Center City, MN. Additionally, users can also explore a developing project of full-text, online books dealing with substances, substance use, misuse and addictions (SALIS), as well as resources available in libraries worldwide (WorldCat).

On this page, you will:

  • learn how to search the library catalog

  • have access to Salis and World Cat Collection catalogs

How to Search the Library Catalog

Find books, pamphlets, audiovisuals, government documents available on-site in the HBFF Library (located in Center City, MN). These materials cannot be mailed to online students.

Need assistance using the catalog? 

Contact the librarian using the "Library Assistance" page (under the HBF Online Library drop down menu)


Salis Logo Button - This is an image of the Salis Logo
WorldCat Logo Button - This is an image of the WorldCat logo.

The SALIS Collection
A developing collection of on-line, full-text books focused on the topics of substances, substance use and misuse, and addictions. SALIS is the Substance Abuse Librarians and Information Specialists, an “international association of librarians and other information professionals focused on the health and social concerns surrounding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.” (source: about SALIS )

This is the world’s most comprehensive bibliography, with tens of millions of bibliographic records that represent 400 languages. WorldCat covers information back to 2100 B.C.E. and includes holdings information from libraries across the world. WorldCat now includes the Library of Congress Subject Headings as its thesaurus. It includes records for musical scores, books, serial publications, computer files, Internet resources, sound recordings, archival materials, maps, and visual materials.

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