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Career Corner

About this Page

This page will be a wealth of knowledge as you graduate into the professional phase of your life. Please access the wealth of knowledge on this page to help you continue to grow into a professional.

On this page, you will have access to

  • Videos, VoiceThreads, and other materials that explain how to up your game as a professional.


Social Media Privacy and Boundaries

This video explains why boundaries are important for your career search and future position as a counselor.

Naming on Virtual Meeting Applications

This video explains how to keep it professional and confusion-free in all situations.

Working With Adolescents

Guest speaker, Nikki Erdman, is the Director of Clinical Services at HBFF Plymouth.  If you have question about working with Adolescents or job/internship openings, please email Nikki at

Resume/Cover Letter: Physical Address

This video is about adding your physical address on your resume and cover letter. 

Resume/Cover Letter: Email Address

This video is about adding your email address on your resume and cover letter. 

Environment in a Virtual Interview

This video explains the importance of and tips to create a quiet, distraction-free environment during a virtual interview